person writing a to-do list

6 items to check off your to-do list

June 8, 2020

Summer is a time to relax and have a good time, but taking care of some key items on your to-do list can bring many benefits for the future. Here are a few key items to include.

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How to be an ally to the Black community and communities of color

June 3, 2020

Acts of systemic racism continue to deeply affect our communities, and many of us may be wondering how we can help. Here are some tips for how you can be an ally to people of color, particularly the Black community right now.

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Creative writing students needed for LGBTQ+ science fiction contest outreach

June 1, 2020

Proofread science fiction stories as part of Creative Pathways, an outreach program for LGBTQ+ high school students. Creative Pathways is a part of the larger Pathways in STEM Outreach Program.

A buffalo sculpture on the CU Boulder campus

Make your voice heard: Participate in the census

May 27, 2020

Emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic illustrate how important it is for health care facilities to have the funding and resources they need to effectively support the populations they serve. Complete and accurate census data help make this possible.

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Volunteer for a virtual LGBTQ+ youth outreach program

May 22, 2020

All members of the CU Boulder STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) community are invited to submit photographs, articles, links and other content to help with a new outreach event.

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Find opportunities for undergraduate research plus creative work with faculty

May 20, 2020

Join a team of CU Boulder undergraduates to conduct exciting projects led by faculty in all fields of study. Check out the UROP Mix vol. 2020.

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Know how to sew? Make face masks for CU critical service workers

May 20, 2020

Critical services workers on campus are in need of reusable cloth masks to protect themselves and students they serve from the spread of COVID-19. Learn more and sign up to help.

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Find virtual support services for graduate students this summer

May 19, 2020

Looking for structure and community? This summer, the Graduate School is offering a number of virtual support services to help you feel connected and stay on track.

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Students: Share your COVID-19 experience

May 18, 2020

CU Boulder undergraduate, graduate and law students who were enrolled in the spring semester are invited to participate in the COVID-19 Student Experience Survey. Submit your feedback by June 5.

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Making the most of your summer

May 12, 2020

While the next few months may not be what we expected, there are still ways to enjoy favorite summer activities and plans. Here are some ideas to help make the most of your summer.