Ofelia Morales

In the business of making dreams come true—Get to know Ofelia Morales

Nov. 8, 2022

A first-generation student, she now works to support CU Boulder students who are pursuing their educational dreams. She's passionate about the UndocuNetwork group on campus and knows where to find the best chai latte. Learn more about Ofelia Morales.

Taylor Stratton, center, getting ready to open the gate for Ralphie VI's inaugural run.

Coaching a heart and soul team—Get to know Taylor Stratton

Sept. 30, 2021

Her work centers around a campus treasure, Ralphie. Health and safety are her top priorities. And while she cherishes quiet sunrise moments at Folsom Field, the extrovert tends to seek out office visits and chats. Learn more about Taylor Stratton.

Crystal Lay poses for a photo with Chip the costumed mascot.

In it to help students experience success⁠—Get to know Crystal Lay

Aug. 24, 2021

She works with a team that helps make the CU Boulder campus home for over 10,000 occupants. She was key in this year's Buffs One Read program. And the grassy areas surrounding Williams Village are among her favorite spots. Learn more about Crystal Lay.

Peter Newton

Understanding our socio-environmental systems—Get to know Peter Newton

May 26, 2021

He researches and teaches how humans use and affect the natural environment. Despite the perks of his home office, he misses running into colleagues at SEEC. And he's got a compliment or two for students and CU Boulder Dining. Learn more about Peter Newton.

Michael Shernick

Helping students where they are—Get to know Michael Shernick

May 10, 2021

He's a two-time Marinus Smith Award winner who holds a master's degree in architecture, has been called an academic concierge and met his wife on an errand. Learn more about Michael Shernick's corner of campus.