An image of the Red Cross combing the aftermath of the Ludlow Massacre. (Photo via History Colorado)

Faculty in Focus: Immigration is central issue for new state historian

Sept. 6, 2019

The topic is timely and important, but discussions about it are mired in ideology and falsehoods, says William Wei, CU Boulder and state historian.

Scott Adler and his corgi

Campus Q&A: New Graduate School dean feels honored to be in role

Aug. 30, 2019

Scott Adler came to CU Boulder in fall 1996, when he joined the faculty as a professor of political science. He became dean of the Graduate School in June of 2019.

Three dancers and a chair

Creative Expression: Dancer turns everyday experiences into art

July 29, 2019

With her seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of ideas, Michelle Ellsworth leaps over creative boundaries. Recognized for her distinctive and compelling artistic works in contemporary dance, Ellsworth is a winner of a 2019 Doris Duke Artist Award.

New basketball seats in an empty arena

Faculty in Focus: Jack Zable is changing how the NBA warms up

June 21, 2019

The Milwaukee Bucks, like most NBA teams, were using standard folding chairs for bench seats. Players sat on cold surfaces with their knees crunched up, causing stiffness. Jack Zable, a professor emeritus of mechanical engineering, changed that.

Jack Burns in front of the moon

Faculty in Focus: Heading back to the moon (this time, for good)

June 21, 2019

Getting humans back to the moon is one thing. Jack Burns and other CU scientists are asking, "How can we stay?" As the United States prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary, on July 20, of Neil Armstrong’s first lunar step, the nation is again getting serious about going back.

Zoe Donaldson

Faculty in Focus: The CU scientist cracking the love code

June 14, 2019

Intrepid brain scientist Zoe Donaldson and an army of furry rodents are decoding life’s most complex emotions: love and loss.

Shilo Brooks in his office

Faculty in Focus: Exploring the relationship between democracy and technology

May 20, 2019

Shilo Brooks, faculty director of the Engineering Leadership Program, has been awarded a fellowship at Princeton University, where he will spend 10 months on research for his next book.

Soap film as beautiful art

Faculty in Focus: Using engineering to teach art

April 26, 2019

Mechanical engineering professor Jean Hertzberg shares her enthusiasm for nature’s beauty by teaching students to reveal the hidden splendors of mingling gases and liquids—and make art of it.

Danielle Rivera's students

Faculty in Focus: Making the invisible visible

April 10, 2019

Assistant Professor Danielle Rivera describes how she unearths and amplifies marginalized communities’ theories and histories through her community-based research.

Norm Pace

Faculty in Focus: Blowing the doors off the microbial world

March 28, 2019

CU Boulder’s Norm Pace isn’t intimidated by the darkness of remote caves, or the vastness of the microbial universe. He’s mastered both.