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3 things to do after a career fair

Oct. 10, 2022

Whether you’re looking for an internship or a job after graduation, career fairs are a great way to connect with companies that are hiring. But when a career fair is over, what’s next? Here are three steps to take.

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3 ways to make the most of your time in college

Sept. 27, 2022

College is the time to explore, try new things and learn about your likes and dislikes. While you’re at CU Boulder, you’ll discover interests and passions that can help you figure out plans for the future. Here are three ways to make the most of your time here.

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Unlock dozens of learning opportunities with all-access pass

Sept. 16, 2022

With the FranklinCovey all-access pass, learners have access to a comprehensive suite of personal and professional development opportunities and resources.

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5 tips for starting your internship or job search

Sept. 2, 2022

Starting your job search early can lead to many benefits, such as securing a job or internship now, even if it doesn’t start until later. Here are a few ways to start your search this fall.

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Introducing career development course content for faculty and staff

Aug. 22, 2022

Faculty and staff can be instrumental in helping students figure out what to do after college. Career Services is excited to launch a new way for faculty and staff to incorporate career development content into existing Canvas courses.

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Now hiring: Check out these on-campus student job openings

Aug. 2, 2022

On-campus jobs offer many benefits: a regular paycheck, flexible hours and convenient work environments. But did you know you can often find on-campus jobs that match your interests or passions, or help you develop valuable career skills? Here are a variety of student job openings to consider this fall.

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Campus employees: Recommit to your professional development

June 29, 2022

Dig into navigating the hybrid workplace, improving your communication, strengthening your supervisory skills, developing inclusive habits and more with Human Resources' Organization and Employee Development offerings.

person applying for jobs

Looking for a job or internship? Try out these strategies

May 26, 2022

While searching for jobs or internships can feel challenging, there are strategies to make it easier. Here are some tips to help you in your search.

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How to make the most of your summer internship

May 20, 2022

Internships can be crucial in developing your skills, understanding the world of work and securing a full-time position in the future. Here’s how to make the most of your experience and impress your employer.

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8 things to do this summer besides work

May 10, 2022

Whether you’re taking classes or enjoying a well-deserved break, you might have some downtime to fill over the next three months. Here are some things you can do this summer to make progress on your career goals.