CU Law School students to install cookstoves in Peru, combating poverty and global warming

May 2, 2011

CU Law School students to install cookstoves in Peru, combating poverty and global warming

CU applied mathematics professor Harvey Segur to receive 2011 Hazel Barnes Prize

May 2, 2011

Harvey Segur, a professor of applied mathematics at the University of Colorado Boulder, has been selected to receive the 2011 Hazel Barnes Prize, the highest faculty recognition for teaching and research awarded by the university.

CU-Boulder student Shane Baldauf wins national Udall Scholarship

April 22, 2011

Shane Baldauf, a sophomore in architecture and planning at the University of Colorado Boulder who is dedicated to ‘green' and affordable housing, has been awarded a prestigious Udall Scholarship.

Graduating CU senior promotes local gardens, sustainable food

April 20, 2011

With commencement quickly approaching and spring temperatures warming, University of Colorado Boulder senior Bryant Mason is working hard to prepare vegetable gardens and get crops in the ground before he graduates.

Evolution of human 'super-brain' tied to development of bipedalism, tool-making

April 20, 2011

Scientists seeking to understand the origin of the human mind may want to look to honeybees -- not ancestral apes -- for at least some of the answers, according to a University of Colorado Boulder archaeologist.

Two CU-Boulder students win $150,000 teaching fellowships

April 19, 2011

Two students at the University of Colorado Boulder have been awarded major teaching fellowships by the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, or KSTF, for 2011. CU-Boulder undergraduates Julia Ratcliff and Cacia Steensen were among 37 new fellowships awarded nationwide for teachers of biology, mathematics and physical science.

CU-Boulder sources on Gulf oil spill anniversary on April 20

April 19, 2011

Karl Linden, professor of environmental engineering and a water treatment expert, has been leading a yearlong study of the environmental fate of the oil dispersants used in the Gulf of Mexico cleanup. His research team has traveled to the Gulf area to collect samples and is investigating the chemical constituents in the dispersant, as well as its sunlight-based decay in the laboratory. Linden can be reached at 303-492-4798 or .

Gulf oil spill similar to Exxon Valdez in initial social and mental impacts, study finds

April 19, 2011

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill caused social disruption and psychological stress among Gulf residents that is similar to the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez spill and the impacts are likely to persist for years, a new study finds.

Engineering Days, two design expos scheduled at CU-Boulder April 19-23

April 15, 2011

Engineering students at the University of Colorado Boulder are gearing up for a week of intensive activity April 19-23 when they will celebrate Engineering Days and display hands-on design projects at two Design Expos.

CU to hold Food and Environmental Justice Week April 11-17

April 8, 2011

The University of Colorado Boulder's "Food and Environmental Justice Week" will be held on campus April 11-17.