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Donald Trump

AUDIO: Ken Bickers on President Trump's first 100 days

April 27, 2017

If anything it’s been an unusual yet entertaining first 100 days of President Trump’s time in the White House, says Ken Bickers, CU Boulder political science professor. Download a suggested script and audio files below.Read more »
graphic of broken red heart

AUDIO: Leonie Koban on fixing heartbreak with a placebo

April 23, 2017

Feeling heartbroken from a recent breakup but don’t know how to get over it? Did you know just believing you’re doing something to help yourself get over your ex can help lessen the pain? That’s the takeaway from a new CU Boulder study that measured the neurological and behavioral impacts... Read more »
Made in America logo

AUDIO: Richard Wobbekind on Trump’s ‘Buy America, Hire America’ executive order

April 18, 2017

The “Buy America, Hire America” executive order signed today by President Trump could impact Colorado technology companies that rely on guest workers, says CU Boulder economist Richard Wobbekind.Read more »
mountain landscape

AUDIO: Jim White on how warming climate will impact Colorado ski seasons

April 12, 2017

FOR MEDIA: Colorado’s ski resorts are about to wrap up another strong season. Some areas are even staying open a week or two longer than usual due to late March snowstorms. But don’t expect extended seasons in the future. In fact, they will be getting shorter in coming years as the climate continues to get warmer, says CU Boulder climatologist Jim White.Read more »
Denver capital dome

AUDIO: Rich Wobbekind on Colorado’s business outlook

April 3, 2017

Colorado business leaders continue to believe that 2017 will be a positive year for economic growth in the state and nationally, according to the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds Business Confidence Index survey released today. Download audio clips and a script.Read more »
Wooden letter cubes

AUDIO: Economist Jeffrey Zax on 'alphabetization'

March 17, 2017

It wouldn’t seem as if one letter could make a big difference, but in the case of your last name it can. According to a new CU Boulder study, there is strong evidence that where your last name falls in the alphabet can impact life outcomes.Read more »