Jerry and Doree Hickman

Supporter spotlight: Doree Hickman

Nov. 4, 2020

Doree Hickman gained a family when she became involved with the College of Music Advisory Board. Now she’s giving back to the place she loves as part of the music+ campaign.

Nora Barpal

Music grad’s solution to expensive college auditions: A recording studio in a box

Sept. 15, 2020

College of Music graduate Nora Barpal wants to break down barriers that can keep young music students from becoming professional musicians. To that end, she's partnered with another alum to launch a coalition that provides high-quality recording equipment to low-income high schools.

Dhwani Khatter

Waiting patiently: Stories of resilience in the COVID-19 era

Sept. 15, 2020

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the internship and job plans of many CU engineering students and recent graduates. Though she got a job offer in March in her chosen field, Dhwani Khatter is one of many playing the waiting game.

Abigail Fernandes

Lemons into lemonade: Stories of resilience in the COVID-19 era

Sept. 8, 2020

The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the internship and job plans of many CU engineering students and recent graduates. Abigail Fernandes made the best of a bad situation—and then some.

Henderson building

Student creates resource to make data visualization easy, accessible for museums

Sept. 8, 2020

Everybody talks about data, but how do they actually use it? A CU graduate student created a new resource that makes data visualization easy and more accessible for museums large and small.

Anoushka Divekar

Take Two Knees: A concert by Anoushka Divekar

Sept. 3, 2020

Recent College of Music graduate Anoushka Divekar debuted this virtual concert that she and collaborators created from works by Black female composers.

Margot Gage Witvliet in hospital

I’m a COVID-19 long-hauler and an epidemiologist—here’s how it feels when symptoms last for months

Aug. 17, 2020

Imagine going from healthy and active to fearing you are dying almost overnight. CU alumna and epidemiologist Margot Gage Witvliet shares her story on The Conversation.

Stock image of a person riding a bike over hills

Alumni hit the road for yearlong cross-country bike tour

Aug. 10, 2020

For 31 years, Rob Drugan has taught a course on behavioral medicine at Brown University and the University of New Hampshire. Last year, he decided to take his course—which focuses on the benefits of exercise—across the continental U.S., traveling by bike with Connie Eppich.

Colorado lacrosse goalie Julia Lisella

All-American goalie reflects on 5 years between the pipes

Aug. 3, 2020

Captain Julia Lisella (SLHSci’20) of Littleton, Colorado, played with every class in CU women’s lacrosse history. Julia has anchored multiple top-25 seasons for the Buffs, and some of her best saves have come with her eyes closed.

Image provided by NASA showing a Soyuz capsule in orbit, as seen from an Apollo capsule.

Astronaut alum Vance Brand marks 45 years since Cold War thaw in space

July 28, 2020

Brand (Bus’53, Aero’60) made history when he and his Apollo crew members met with Soviet cosmonauts in space in 1975, only to narrowly survive a near-fatal landing back on Earth.