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While everyone has unique strategies and needs regarding task management and learning approaches, here are a few quick tips of inspiration that may work for you.

Read each and choose at least two to implement for your courses this summer: 

  • Write all assignments that you have left to complete in one place—cross out each of the tasks and leave them on the paper to see your progress in real time. 
  • Stick to a routine. Reward yourself after your routine is completed each day. 
  • Write down goals or statements that feel motivating to you and post these on your walls. You will then get to see these words of inspiration multiple times a day, every day. 
  • Know there will be setbacks, and that is okay. Acknowledge them and find positive ways to move forward. 
  • Ask yourself what is in your direct area of control? What is one small, positive step you can take that is in your control that will help you reach your academic goals? 
  • List all of your academic tasks due for the week in one place—reference these as you make to-do lists each day. 
  • If struggling to get started, recognize what is minimally acceptable for you to do in that moment or for that day. Start those tasks and recognize that you will feel satisfied if you complete that amount of work that day.  
  • A good reminder—you don’t have to be motivated all the time, or even most of the time. Rather, rely on discipline to get you through when you aren’t motivated.  
  • Think about the big why: How is this degree going to help you? Your family? Society? The world? In addition, you might not feel like school is making a big impact with the many challenges going on now. It’s okay to feel this way. 
  • Get outside for fresh air and a break in between study sessions.  
  • Break up work into manageable tasks. 
  • Remember, the sooner the assignments are done well, the sooner the summer work is done for you. 
  • Finally, when you complete your academic tasks, acknowledge and embrace the positive feelings that come with meeting your goals. 
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