Published: April 12, 2024
Faculty Leadership Institute group photo

The Faculty Leadership Institute (FLI) is dedicated to identifying, nurturing and supporting emerging leaders as they chart their course toward advanced academic leadership roles. Each cohort, consisting of 12–15 faculty members, actively engages with campus leaders in targeted discussions about prevalent campus issues while honing essential leadership skills.

Throughout the academic year, FLI holds monthly meetings structured around engagements with campus leadership and leadership skill development. During these sessions, leaders discuss their experiences in their current positions, share insights into their leadership journey, and participate in open discussions on faculty-related concerns. Additionally, valuable opportunities for leadership training are provided by certified experts during the leadership development workshops.

To complement the formal monthly meetings, cohort members are welcome to join informal gatherings to foster a sense of connectedness and camaraderie within the cohort.

Faculty members interested in participating should submit their application by April 29. Preference is given to teaching associate professors and senior instructors, although all ranks are welcome to apply.

Please visit the FLI website to learn more or submit a nomination. Contact Anu Sharma, faculty fellow for the Faculty Leadership Insititute, with additional questions.