Published: Sept. 1, 2023

If you receive a course alert, don’t fret. The alert system is a way for a professor to notify you that you might benefit from additional campus resources or a new approach to improve your standing in a class.

You might receive a course alert via email if you have missed classes, forgotten to submit assignments or have a grade below a C. The goal of course alerts is to connect you to support resources early in the semester, so there is still plenty of time to identify your barriers to success and brainstorm solutions.

It’s important to remember you don’t have to face academic challenges alone. Here are a few actions you can take if you receive a course alert.

Visit your professor during office hours

Look up when your professor is holding office hours. Review the course material, assignments and expectations in advance so you can come prepared with specific questions to clarify gray areas and improve your understanding. Take detailed notes during office hours, and follow up via email with any lingering questions.

Schedule a meeting with your advisor or coach

An academic advisor or coach can also help you with time management, study habits, learning strategies, test-taking and more. Undergraduate students can schedule virtual or in-person meetings with their academic advisor or coach through Buff Portal Advising. Graduate students can schedule advising appointments through their colleges.

Take advantage of tutoring resources

Reinforce what you’ve learned in the classroom by using CU Boulder’s tutoring resources. Free and fee-based tutoring programs available across campus can help improve your understanding of subjects like writing, languages, math, physics and more.

Course alerts ensure you stay on the path to academic success this year. With a little extra support, you can feel confident and prepared in the classroom.