Published: March 13, 2023

This week brings a visit from filmmaker Jesse Learner, a showing of M3GAN, the Chancellor’s Annual Summit, a story circle, free ice skating, salsa dancing, a gathering addressing sexual assault and more.

Students ice skating at the Rec Center on campusMonday, March 13

Jesse Lerner: Visiting Scholar and Curator Series

 5–6:30 p.m. ​ ATLAS 311
Jesse Lerner is a successful documentary film and video maker, professor, curator and writer based in Los Angeles. He is doing a free presentation for Buffs. 

St. Patrick’s Day cycle class

 5:15 p.m. ​ Rec Center, Cycle Studio 
Celebrate St. Patty’s day with a free cycle class at the Rec. This class is good for individuals of all fitness levels. Special giveaways available for all riders.

Tuesday, March 14

Chancellor’s Annual Summit

 5:308 p.m. ​ History Colorado Center
This event, located in Denver, is hosted by CU Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano. CU experts are presenting on the topic “Democratic Principles and Social Mobility in a Pluralistic Society.”

Navigation and Using Compasses

 5:307 p.m. ​ Rec Center, Adventure Resource Center
You never know when you may need to use a map and compass to navigate. Learn the basics with this interactive presentation and practice session.

Wednesday, March 15

Story Circle

 5:307 p.m. ​ C4C N320
Story Circle explores dialogue skills and strategies for having effective conversations across different identities. 

Cultivating Connection: Sexual assault

 68 p.m. ​ C4C S350
Are you passionate about addressing sexual abuse and violence? Gather with other students to connect, learn and build community

Thursdsay, March 16

Buffs Hire Buffs

 57 p.m. ​ CASE Chancellor’s Lounge
Check out what prominent CU Boulder alumni employers are up to! These employers are open to mentoring and hiring CU Boulder students. 

Buffalo Nites: Salsa dancing

 79 p.m. ​ UMC 235
Do you know how to dance the salsa? The Connection is having a salsa dancing night.

Friday, March 17

Buffs After Dark: St. Patrick’s Day silent disco ice skating

 710 p.m. ​ Rec Center, ice rink
Enjoy a night of free ice skating, a silent disco and food. 

Friday Night Film Series: M3GAN

 8 p.m. ​ CHEM 140
Friday Night Film Series is a popular event for students to come together and watch a film. This week, M3GAN is being shown. The sci-fi thriller follows a life-like doll built by a robotic engineer.