Published: Nov. 18, 2022

City of Boulder voters have upheld City Council’s 2021 annexation of CU Boulder South by rejecting Ballot Question 2F. 

Final certification of local election results is expected Nov. 30. But final unofficial results posted by the Boulder County Clerk’s office on Thursday night showed 53.88% of votes tallied were against 2F, passage of which would have repealed council’s decision to annex the site. 

The vote means the site remains within Boulder’s city limits and the city’s flood protection project—among the numerous other aspects of the annexation agreement—can continue to move forward. 

The university on Friday issued a statement.

“The 2021 annexation of CU Boulder South embodies the best of Boulder: Protection of life safety, securing open space, creation of urgently needed attainable housing, and a commitment to public collaboration. We are grateful for the thousands of residents who supported annexation at the ballot box and participated in the years-long process that shaped the annexation agreement. We are also thankful for the city council members, county officials, boards and commissions, and city and university staff who worked hard to move annexation forward to address vital community needs. 

“The annexation agreement reflects the issues and priorities of Boulder residents and elected leaders, and it codifies the university’s commitment to upholding the values of the community. It helps solidify Boulder as a forward-thinking community that is willing to take action to create a safer, more equitable and inclusive city.

“Looking forward, our first priority will be to continue working with the city to help facilitate their design and permitting efforts for the flood protection project. Longer-term, we expect that we will embark on a detailed planning process for the site. We will continue to be good community partners and look forward to engaging our community and neighbors as these plans take shape.”

CU Boulder South is a 308-acre parcel of land at the intersection of Table Mesa Drive and U.S. 36 purchased by the university in 1996. Visit the CU Boulder South website to learn more about annexation and what it means for the community and the university.