Published: Oct. 31, 2022

The University of Colorado remains strongly committed to fostering a student body, faculty and staff that reflects the diversity of Colorado and makes our institution a better place. We are closely following the U.S. Supreme Court’s case regarding race-based admissions at colleges and universities, including oral arguments heard on Oct. 31. While CU’s policies regarding admissions and financial aid are consistent with existing law and previous Supreme Court decisions, we have much work to do to achieve our goals related to advancing diversity. Doing so makes us a stronger, more inclusive university because of the different people, ideas, experiences and viewpoints that comprise the CU community. We will continue to monitor the Supreme Court’s deliberations. It is expected to make a ruling in early summer, after which we will carefully consider its potential effects on our commitment to ensuring a diverse university community."

Todd Saliman, President
University of Colorado

Philip DiStefano, Chancellor
University of Colorado Boulder

Don Elliman, Chancellor
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Michelle Marks, Chancellor
University of Colorado Denver

Venkat Reddy, Chancellor
University of Colorado Colorado Springs

This statement originally appeared via the CU Office of the President.