By Published: Oct. 18, 2022

Group of students jumping in front of Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria

Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria, 2022. Photo courtesy of Lauren McCullough.

CU Boulder is offering more than 35 Global Seminars for summer 2023, including three brand new programs. Learn more and apply today to secure your spot.

What is a Global Seminar? Global Seminars are short-term international programs taught by CU Boulder faculty in the summer (or over winter break). Some of their unique attributes include: 

  • They last approximately two to six weeks for 3–8 credits, depending on content
  • They include a CU Boulder course taught abroad that fulfills degree or major requirements
  • They provide a small group experience that allows students and faculty to build strong connections
  • They offer an international experience for students who cannot study abroad for a semester or year.

Read about the newest programs being offered this summer:

History of Medicine

 London, England  May 15–June 3  IPHY 4040  Apply by Dec. 1
In this course, students will learn the histories of medical practices from ancient civilizations to more recent times. While in London, students will explore medical artifacts and their historical context, utilize primary and secondary sources for a research project, and develop an appreciation for the evolution of medicine and how today’s medical practices are a result of previous medical endeavors.

The course is co-taught by Amanda Schaetzel, assistant teaching professor, and Ruth Heisler, teaching professor, from the Department of Integrated Physiology. Pre-requisite: IPHY 3410

Global Seminar Access Scholarship

The Global Seminar Access Scholarship supports programs which serve underrepresented locations, academic topics or students. Every student enrolled in the following summer 2023 programs will automatically receive a $500 scholarship* (no scholarship application required):

For all Education Abroad programs, we encourage students with financial need to apply for scholarships!

Italian-American Relations in Film

 Rome, Italy  May 15–June 2  CINE 3402  Apply by Dec. 1
Rome is one of the most iconic cities in cinema history, having been portrayed in countless films from different countries. This course will explore the image of Rome in American films, and its relationship with the figure of the American traveler in Rome as portrayed in Italian films. Through the lens of cinema, students will explore how Italians and Americans perceive one another and how the outsider’s look can enrich your own self-perception; in doing so, the program will also explore the figure of the foreigner and its symbolic connotations.

The course is taught by Sabrina Negri, assistant professor in cinema studies. Learn more at the info session for cinema studies and theater Global Seminars on Oct. 19 at 4:30 p.m. in THTR C340.

Music, Arts & Culture 1880–1920

 Vienna, Austria  May 22–June 3  MUSC 4202  Apply by Dec. 1
This course explores Austria’s (particularly Vienna’s) pivotal role in the rise of modernism in music and the arts c. 1900. Fin-de-siècle Vienna has been noted for its unusually rich confluence of musicians, visual artists, architects and thinkers, and this course develops students’ abilities to make interdisciplinary connections especially through in-person experiences at museums, concert halls and architectural sites.

All summer 2023 participants will receive an automatic $1,000 scholarship. The course is taught by Robert Shay, professor of musicology and former dean of the College of Music (2014–20). Pre-requisites: MUSC 1802, minimum junior standing

Apply by Dec. 1

Apply today for one of these new programs, or check out the many other Global Seminars running this summer to find your perfect fit! The deadline for most summer 2023 Global Seminars is Dec. 1—apply now to get a spot.