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Earn credit, use your financial aid and see the world with Education Abroad! The deadline to apply for spring programs is Oct. 1—here are eight reasons you don't want to miss out.

Three students take a photo by the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia, 2019. Photo courtesy of Jack Wilson.

Have an adventure

Discover new cultures, travel and explore your academics from a new, international perspective. With hundreds of programs in more than 70 countries, you could live in a bustling city such as London or Tokyo, or explore more remote locations such as Peru and Botswana.

Our program locations and options are as diverse as your interests and goals. No matter where you go, you’re sure to come back with memories to last a lifetime. Embrace the adventure and be a main character by going abroad!

Get the credit you need

Coursework is available for all CU Boulder majors! With study abroad, it’s possible to earn major, minor, A&S core/gen ed, and/or general elective hours towards your overall degree. Check our course approvals list to find programs that may already have classes approved for the credit you need.

You can afford it

Sure, living in Europe for a semester sounds expensive—but it doesn’t have to be. We have affordable programs around the globe, and your financial aid can apply! There are also a variety of need-based and merit-based scholarships available.

It’ll look good on a résumé

International experiences can boost your future career and earning potential. Build your résumé with unique experiences such as a non-traditional location, an internship or research.

Going abroad will help you gain marketable experience, including skills in intercultural communication, problem solving and leadership. Going abroad in a unique location will set you apart even further as it proves your adaptability in addition to the skills listed above.

Connect with Ed Abroad this week to open a spring 2023 application and learn more about the programs that work with your interests, coursework and budgetary needs.

Learn a new language…or not

Want to brush up on your Spanish? Learn Chinese? Immerse yourself in a language? There’s no better way to practice than with locals on a daily basis. Go abroad and learn or improve upon a second (or third or fourth!) language both in the classroom and through real-life practical experience.

You can also go abroad in 50 countries without knowing a second language. Study in English-speaking countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and England, or take classes taught in English in locations such as Spain, Chile, China, Israel and more.

Discover another culture

Experience a different way of life. Meet new people and explore their traditions, values and history. Living abroad gives you the chance to explore and appreciate the unique arts, culture and food of a country (or countries). Embrace the Spanish siesta, the laid-back Aussie attitude or Swedish fika.

Make new friends, build your network

One of the most impactful parts of studying abroad is the connections you make. Whether it’s finding your new best friend in Italy, discovering your passion through a nonprofit in Chile, or networking abroad for your future international career—it’s the people that make the experience.

Win Instagram

Sure, Colorado is beautiful. But you can seriously up your social media game with pics of the Eiffel Tower, Angkor Wat, Iguazu Falls or pretty much anywhere in New Zealand. Check Ed Abroad’s Instagram for a glimpse at what other CU students have been up to—and remember to use #CUBoulderAbroad when it’s your turn!