Published: July 12, 2022

CU Boulder recently received national honors for three campus videos—two recounting community efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and one highlighting the CU Boulder Police Department.

Several CU Boulder communications employees were involved in the productions, garnering one silver and two bronze awards. The national Telly Awards are given annually to recognize top video and television productions by industry professionals at various types of organizations.  

The Road Back: CU Boulder’s Response to COVID-19

Part of CU Boulder Chancellor Philip DiStefano’s 2021 State of the Campus event, “The Road Back: CU Boulder’s Response to COVID-19,” which won a Telly silver award, highlights the campus community’s effort to navigate and overcome the challenges of the pandemic.

The film is told from the perspective of students, faculty and staff and captures the anxiety, fear, determination, teamwork and ingenuity felt throughout the campus from the beginning of the pandemic through the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines and eventual return to in-person experiences.

Involved in the making of the documentary were Glenn Asakawa, Paul Beique, Patrick Campbell, Casey Cass, Justin Golightly, Jon Leslie, Charles Mangano, Mason Marino, Dirk Martin, Zach Ornitz, Peter Sanders and Candace Smith. 

COVID-19 infographic

CU Boulder’s COVID-19 infographic won a Telly bronze award. The timeline illustrates the university’s pandemic response and resilience as campus community members banded together to pivot on teaching, learning and work models; implement safety measures and keep each other safe; and develop scientific knowledge and innovations. The infographic appeared as part of a special anniversary report.

Involved in the making of the infographic were Glenn Asakawa, Paul Beique, Patrick Campbell, Casey Cass, Justin Golightly, Lisa Marshall, Mason Marino and Zach Ornitz.

Police recruitment video   

Appearing on the University of Colorado Police Department recruitment page for prospective employees, CUPD’s recruitment video, which won a Telly bronze award, encourages applicants to take a closer look inside the work, environment and culture of the department. CUPD recently announced the recruitment of its largest class of cadets yet.

Involved in the making of the video were Justin Golightly, Andrew Sorensen and former CUPD Officer Cassandra Yuma.