Published: June 22, 2022
Campus community member working on computer

The CU Boulder Office of Data Analytics (ODA) has updated the 2021 Campus Culture Survey unit-level dashboard to increase the functionality of the survey results by campus unit.

With these updates, dashboard users can filter survey results by a specific school, college, academic program or department, but there are now also 34 compare-by options similar to those in the campuswide dashboard. Disaggregated results are available by unit, provided there are at least 10 responses for each of the groups in the comparison.

For instance, the unit-level dashboard allows users to view differences in survey responses based on LGBTQ+ status, provided there are at least 10 participants in that unit who identified as LGBTQ+ and at least 10 participants who did not identify as LGBTQ+.

ODA provides this data constraint on each of the comparison groups within a unit to maintain the anonymity of unit members who participated in the survey, while also allowing units with a sufficient number of survey respondents to gain additional insights into their survey results.

Compare-by options in the campuswide dashboard and the updated unit-level dashboard include comparisons based on demographic and background characteristics such as gender, ethnicity or race, LGBTQ+ status, disability and political views.

Other comparison options are employee-specific (e.g., supervises staff); student-specific (e.g., program or class level, first-generation college student status); or are based on key findings (e.g., whether participants experienced incivility behaviors).

“This dashboard update is key to helping site visitors better understand the 2021 Campus Culture Survey results, which are supporting CU Boulder’s efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion for the campus community,” said Julie Volckens, director of assessment for the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, which along with ODA created and administered the survey.

To learn more about the campus’s DEI goals, action planning, survey results and related resources, visit the CU Boulder Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website.