Published: May 27, 2022

We live in challenging times and are faced with a seemingly never-ending torrent of distressing news from all corners of the world. When traumatic events occur in our community, our state, our nation or around the world, they may deeply affect us. When these events directly impact the campus community or offer an opportunity for the university to serve a specific role, a statement may be warranted and/or specific programming and support may be offered to meet the needs of our community.

Recognizing that there are times to express the emotions we feel as individuals and members of our community, CU Boulder leadership strives to focus on commenting on incidents where our impact is about action rather than simply words. We also regularly share support resources with our campus community, because impact can vary from person to person and can occur over the days, weeks and months after the event. Additionally, our Division of Student Affairs has a longstanding practice of reaching out individually and supporting affected members of our student community who we know may be impacted. We have found that direct connection is often more meaningful and effective than broad statements from the university. 

In all of our communications to the university community, we strive to communicate that CU Boulder is a place that values inclusion, respect and empathy for one another.