Published: April 21, 2022

Hello, graduating Buffs! My name is Julia Baum, and I’m the president of CU Boulder’s Senior Class Council.

Senior Class Council President Julia Baum

Senior Class Council President Julia Baum

Gear up for Grad Appreciation Days April 25–28

As your time at CU Boulder comes to a close, I’m sure you’ve been reflecting on your countless experiences as a CU Buff. The late nights in Norlin Library, the early mornings hiking up Chautauqua and the days spent basking in the sun on Farrand Field. The running of old Ralphie and new Ralphie, the intentional scheduling of classes to spend a few of your weekdays skiing, and the people you’ve met and grown alongside. All of these memories have made your time at CU Boulder unforgettable, and I hope you cherish them. 

Throughout even the most unprecedented of times, you have been an integral member of our CU community—remaining committed to our values and staying strong in times of hurt and helplessness. You have proven your unwavering tenacity, your ability to adapt and your pride in our campus.

No matter what your time here at CU Boulder looked like, you will remain a Forever Buff, a lasting member of the community you were part of for so long. I cannot wait to see how each and every one of you changes the world. Sko Buffs!

You are one of many, but there is no shortage of problems in this world that need your fascination and your ability.

Julia Baum
Senior Class Council President