Published: Oct. 22, 2021

Kevin MacLennan, a longtime employee in CU Boulder admissions and enrollment management, was named as the new associate vice chancellor of enrollment management in October, officially taking over from his predecessor Gwen Pomper.

CU Boulder’s Enrollment Management Division encompasse the admissions, bursar and financial aid offices.

“My goal is to continue to work collaboratively with all campus units to develop a shared, campuswide, multiyear strategic enrollment strategy,” MacLennan said. “CU Boulder’s ability to attract, retain and graduate an academically talented, diverse and inclusive student body requires that we all work together by focusing on student success.”

MacLennan’s eye to the future made him an ideal candidate, said COO Patrick O’Rourke.

“Meeting our strategic priorities––from research to diversity, equity and inclusion––starts with enrollment management,” said O’Rourke. “Kevin’s strategic vision and institutional knowledge will set up CU Boulder for many years of future success.”

Much has changed since MacLennan started his career with the university nearly 29 years ago.

First-year applicants applying to CU Boulder in 1993, without access to the nascent internet, sent in more than 14,000 packets of paper transcripts, essays and admissions applications via the US Postal Service. In 2021, more than 54,000 first-year prospective students applied, primarily online.

Technology has helped tackle the increased workload, enabling the university to develop innovative solutions to support students as they continue their education, MacLennan said.

MacLennan said he is very proud to work on teams that have helped to recruit, retain and graduate CU Boulder students for more than 28 years.

“During that time, our enrollment management teams and our partners across campus have always tried to focus on continuous improvement on behalf of the students and families we serve,” he said.

The pandemic has presented one of the larger challenges in MacLennan’s career, though he credits a university-wide team mentality with record 2021 enrollment and retention numbers.

“Working with so many talented individuals at CU Boulder to enhance the academic and student experience for our students is the best part of my job,” MacLennan said. “It’s always inspiring and gratifying to hear from students who’ve graduated about how the decision to come to CU Boulder forever changed their lives in a positive and transformational way.”