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Leadership isn’t just for the person who wants to stand in the front of the room. In fact, employers frequently cite leadership skills as one of the most important skills for incoming employees. Beyond just landing your dream job, individuals with a strong moral compass and understanding of leadership are the key to ensuring our communities thrive in a complex and changing world.

You may think “leadership” is just a buzzword, something that is only for student government, team captains or aspiring business leaders and politicians. But the truth is, leadership is so much more. Leadership is about self-awareness, empathy, social responsibility and work ethic.

At the Center for Leadership, we help students identify the leadership experiences most desirable to them and their personal and career aspirations, and then connect them with the resources they need to maximize their leadership potential. You have the power to lead, and we have the resources to help you get there.

We believe that all students can benefit from leader development opportunities. The Center for Leadership advocates for dynamic, multi-disciplinary, integrated leadership development with an emphasis on moral character, social responsibility and ethical decision making.

There is really something for everyone through the Center for Leadership. Find out more information about our affiliated programs and how to join them.

Adventure Weekends

This Center for Leadership event challenges students to test their leadership skills in the wilderness and reflect on their areas for growth. Fall programs are Oct. 22–23 and Oct. 23–24. Sign up now.

Leadership Frontiers

In the Center for Leadership podcast, leaders dig deep into leadership topics within business, education, nonprofits, the public sector, social justice and wherever we may find it. Tune in.

 How Do I Make a Difference Seminar

This six-session seminar series will help you determine how to best leverage your unique life experiences for the betterment of the communities you belong to. Get details.