Published: June 16, 2021

Facilities Management Outdoor Services will conduct broadcast spray applications on three evergreen trees near the Math building on Monday, June 21: a pair of Colorado blue spruce trees and one white fir tree, all of which are infested with Douglas fir tussock moth larvae.  

Douglas fir tussock moth larvae are negatively impacting the health and appearance of these trees to a significant degree and making them susceptible to other secondary pests and diseases. It is important to address this outbreak to hinder any further establishment of the pest in these trees or others on campus.

The applications will occur early in the morning on or after June 21, depending on the weather. The product being used, Conserve SC (Spinosyn A and D), is a fermentation derived insect control agent effective against foliar-feeding caterpillars. Conserve SC has EPA Reg. No. 62719-291. Guidelines for pesticide use are described generally in the campus Pest Control Policy. This application is one of many tools used as part of an integrated approach to landscape management. The trees will continue to receive supplemental watering, cultural care and will be monitored closely for secondary pest or health problems.

An outside vendor, Davey Tree Care Co., has been hired to conduct the applications based on their demonstrated track record of conducting targeted applications on campus trees.    

To further ensure the highest standard of health and environmental protection, Facilities Management staff will accompany the contracted applicators to ensure that only predetermined locations receive a treatment, applications are stopped during high wind gusts and/or sustained wind events, applications are halted as pedestrians pass by and that all necessary precautions are taken to avoid non-target impacts.

Staff will also place yellow application notice flags that will indicate where the application was made. Law requires that these flags remain in place for 24 hours after an application has been made. In the interest of keeping the campus community informed, staff will leave these flags in place for one full week after the application occurs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Outdoor Services Assistant Director Don Inglis via email or at 303-735-6311; or Environmental Services Assistant Director Robert Lenahan via email or at 303-735-3627.