Published: April 15, 2021

CU Boulder’s Center for Leadership has launched a new podcast highlighting the multitude of different ways leadership education, leadership development and leadership culture manifest themselves through the work of the center. Guests of the podcast, called Leadership Frontiers, include students in the center’s affiliate programs, members of the Board of Advisors and executive committees, instructors, community partners and mentors.

Leadership Frontiers examines past lessons in leadership and facilitates the exploration of the future of leadership. In compelling discussions, the hosts dig deep into leadership topics within business, education, nonprofits, the public sector, social justice and many others. Each featured guest will share their personal and professional experiences with leadership to illustrate how impactful one’s leadership journey can be for their communities.

“After COVID and with a new generation entering the workforce, a change in political authority and a new philosophy on how to do business in the world, we truly are entering a brand-new world of leadership and how to lead teams, corporations and ourselves successfully and efficiently,” said co-host Tara O’Brien. “The only way we're going to nail this new challenge is to collaborate, brainstorm and have tough and meaningful conversations.”

Co-hosts of the podcast are Ronald J. Duren of the Engineering Management Program and Tara O’Brien, the New Venture Challenge Program Director. The original score for the podcast was composed and performed by Chase Church of the Entrepreneurship Center for Music, while the website artwork and thumbnail for the podcast are original pieces by William Dalton Frizzell, a master’s candidate in CU’s Fine Arts program.

Shilo Brooks had the honor of being the inaugural guest on the podcast on Feb. 16, and focused  on the topic of civil discourse in turbulent times. Other episodes feature former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, a CFL Board member; Stefanie Johnson, the CFL’s academic director; and Deb Palmer and Alex McGrath, who are doing research on leadership education for the Multicultural Leadership Scholars.

“Our hope for this podcast is that we ignite a fire––an inferno really––to learn, learn, learn,” O’Brien said. “We hope people will listen and be inspired to grow, to connect with one another, and take risk and push boundaries, and create, influence, see failure as a good thing, and inspire as many people as they can in the process.”

To listen to the episodes, you can visit the Leadership Frontiers webpageYou can also subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, RadioPublic and Pocket Casts.

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