Published: April 5, 2021

This past weekend the campus began an increased effort to address community concerns in the University Hill neighborhood. These efforts will continue for the remainder of the semester to help limit noise, large and unsafe gatherings, trash and other code enforcement issues.

Through increased communication with students, the campus is working to improve quality-of-life issues compounded by the behavior of some students.

“We know the majority of our students are not causing any issues,” said Phil DiStefano, CU Boulder chancellor. “I was disappointed by what I saw during my recent visit to the University Hill neighborhood, and we still have ongoing concerns involving some students whose actions negatively impact our neighbors."

The outreach communications focus on how nuisance parties, trash, debris and other unneighborly behaviors do not align with what it means to be a Buff or a good neighbor.

Other steps include:

  • CU police are increasing patrols on the Hill and will act appropriately in conjunction with Boulder police and the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution when they encounter probable public health order violations or other illegal behavior.
  • Direct communications have been done with locations where a higher number of violations have been reported.
  • The CU Boulder administration is increasing its presence on the Hill, engaging neighbors and neighborhood groups to identify and help rectify the issues at hand.

So far this academic year, 35 students were suspended for hosting parties in violation of public health orders. Students should know and follow these ordinances to avoid citations and referrals to Student Conduct:

  • Public health guidelines: Health and safety guidelines are still in place both on campus and in Boulder County. Wear a mask, practice physical distancing and avoid hosting large gatherings. Students who are hosting large gatherings will be referred to Student Conduct. 
  • Noise: There are many noise-related ordinances in the city of Boulder that, if violated, can result in expensive tickets. Keep your neighbors in mind if you plan to have guests or music playing outside and closely monitor noise levels after 11 p.m. to avoid an “Unreasonable Noise” ticket.
  • Fireworks: The use and possession of fireworks in Boulder is illegal. This includes sparklers, snaps, snakes, bottle rockets, roman candles and smoke bombs. You can also be held responsible for fireworks used by your roommates and guests.
  • Littering and trash: Keep your neighborhood clean and reduce your impact on the environment and local wildlife by picking up your trash. Clean up immediately after any small gatherings to avoid trash-related citations or visits from bears. Be sure to secure your trash on your property either in bear-proof containers or inside. Make sure to properly dispose of trash in trash or recycling bins even when not on your property. 
  • Snow removal: Snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of snowfall. Check with your landlord about who is responsible for snow removal.