Published: Feb. 25, 2021

student working on laptop outsideDid you know that thousands of students enroll in summer classes each year? As you start to plan your summer, consider the benefits of taking one or two summer classes during convenient, short sessions offered between May and August.

Save time and money

All students pay by credit hour for Summer Session classes. This means you may be able to shorten your time to graduation and save money on tuition, housing, and food by taking summer classes.

Hundreds of online, remote and hybrid remote/online courses available

The summer schedule includes more than 220 online classes plus nearly 380 remote or hybrid remote/online offered in multiple sessions to accommodate your needs. Create a schedule that lets you earn the credits you need to graduate no matter where you are.

Get into popular courses

Summer Session gives you an opportunity to get into popular or required classes that are often full during the fall and spring semesters.

Steps you can take to join the Herd this summer

Summer registration begins March 3.

Focus on fewer courses

Unlike the fall and spring semesters, Summer Session allows you to focus your attention on one or two classes at a time. You can immerse yourself in a topic you love or concentrate your efforts on a challenging class.


Summer classes provide you the flexibility to lighten your course load in future semesters or help you stay on track toward graduation.

Catch up

If you are experiencing academic difficulty, summer is a great option for getting yourself back into good academic standing.

No matter your reason, Summer Session is a great option to keep you progressing toward your degree.