Published: Feb. 5, 2021

Student wearing face mask

Running low on face coverings? Need a little more black and gold to round out your wardrobe? 

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Visit the Protect Our Herd website to learn more about how to keep yourself and your community safe.

For faculty, staff and students working, studying and living on campus, it’s time to pick up your free CU Boulder reusable face coverings. They’re comfortable cloth masks with a secure fit, filter pocket, and they look good, too. 

Stop by one of the following locations to pick up yours! (Links to maps below)

Students living in the residence halls and Bear Creek will receive them as part of the move-in process.

Face coverings will be available during normal business hours while supplies last. 

Should you double mask?

Many people are asking questions about whether they should wear two face coverings to better combat new variants of the coronavirus moving around the globe. 

Health officials say the most important thing is the fit of your face covering or coverings. Make sure there are no gaps and that it covers your nose and mouth. If it’s a cloth mask, two or three layers are best. 

Learn more about why face coverings are so critical to curbing the spread of COVID-19 from our very own experts. Wearing a face covering is a way to both show Buff pride and protect our herd. Go Buffs!