Published: Feb. 2, 2021

In the spring 2021 semester, Becca Ciancanelli, inclusive pedagogy lead in the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL), and Jason Lagapa, professional development lead in the CTL, are offering an anti-racist pedagogy learning community.

This learning community focuses on the experiences of people of color in campus classrooms and seeks to redress educational disparities among underserved student populations. Toward this end, we will meet to discuss various chapters, poems, and essays that engage multiple racial and ethnic perspectives. We will also explore aspects of racial identity development to understand the role that race plays within an academic community. As we set out to design anti-racist pedagogy for CU classrooms, our shared purpose will be to develop strategies that cultivate a meaningful sense of belonging at CU.

For more information about the learning community, including time commitment expectations and the application, visit the CTL website.