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Are you interested in taking a CU Boulder course abroad this summer? Then consider a CU Education Abroad Global Seminar.

These short-term programs are taught and directed by CU Boulder faculty members. They last between two and six weeks and provide a small-group experience that allows students to build strong connections with faculty and peers. Education Abroad offers more than 40 of these options, but check out a few of these new options for summer 2021.

Ecuador – Expeditions & Adventure

LAMS 3000: Travel, Science & Adventure
3 credits, 3 weeks

Learn about the scientific expeditions of Darwin, La Condamine and Humboldt from a cultural perspective. Several of the most important scientific discoveries happened in Ecuador: the actual shape of the Earth was measured near Quito, the evidence of natural selection was found in the Galapagos Islands, & environmentalism was first inspired in Andean volcanoes. These expeditions changed global knowledge on astronomy, geography, and biology, and you will get to visit the Ecuadorian sites – including the Galapagos Islands!

Croatia – International Business & Management

INBU 3300: International Business & Management
3 credits, 2.5 weeks

Learn the tools required to effectively manage the major challenges that globalization, changing world markets, & cultural differences demand in international business today. You’ll participate on multiple excursions all over the gorgeous island nation of Croatia. Embrace the Croatian culture & attend lectures at local universities while experiencing how critical the relationship between business & culture is by using a number of American companies in Croatia as case studies.

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Greece – The Athlete as a National Symbol

ETHN 3704: Nationhood, Nationalism, Sport
3 credits, 2.5 weeks

You’ll examine sport in a global context by studying & viewing major international sporting events in Greece. Athens was the host city of the first modern-day Olympic Games, and as such, provides an ideal backdrop for the course. You will enjoy activities ranging from guided tours of Athens' most famous spots, to an optional surfing class, & excursions to Olympia and Santorini.

Norway – Identity, Arts & Ethics

SCAN 3101: Identity, Arts and Ethics in Contemporary Norway
3 credits, 2 weeks

Learn about Contemporary Norway through a multi-disciplinary lens & explore how the traditionally homogenous Norwegian culture has changed over the past 30 years, and how it is still changing today. You’ll discover the critical roles of art & nature in defining Norwegian identity, attend the Bergen International Music Festival, and take a train through the breathtaking countryside from Bergen to Oslo to experience the natural wonders that have shaped the Nordic identity.

Hungary – War & Morality

PHIL 3290: War and Peace & the Enduring Struggle for Freedom
3 credits, 2.5 weeks

You’ll learn about armed conflict & just war theory by exploring the historical sites of Budapest, once an epicenter of European politics, where revolutions sparked, wartime foreign policies were decided, and the memories of Hungarian leaders are honored. Visit the Count Dégenfeld castle hotel & vineyard to taste Hungarian wines & learn about the ethics of post-war usurpations of private properties. You’ll walk across the iconic 1848 bridge that first spanned the Danube River to connect the western hills of Buda with the eastern plains of Pest.

Don’t delay! Summer application deadlines range from Feb. 1 to March 1, so submit your application as soon as you can, as these programs could fill up.