Published: Jan. 12, 2021

Dear colleague,

I was raised to believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. My journey in life and in sports has taught me the importance of perseverance. I remain guided by this philosophy through these challenging and surreal times.

Many of us want to make a difference right now—and I believe each of us can do our part to make Colorado a better place. Certainly, the work we do each day to serve our fellow Coloradans is one way we make a difference, but there are many other ways we can give back. You can make another essential contribution to our community by donating to our state employee charitable effort, the Colorado Combined Campaign. Please join me in supporting the CCC this year. The generous donations made by our state employees benefit hundreds of nonprofit organizations each year. These organizations are essential to the progress of our beautiful state and likely need these resources now more than ever.

 Deadline to pledge: Jan. 15

A strength of the CCC is the choice you have as a donor. You can decide what amount to give (there is no minimum). You select who to give to (more than 500 Colorado nonprofits have applied and been vetted). You choose how to give (including through an easy payroll contribution). You’re empowered to participate. As a former high school basketball coach, I know that there’s power in the collective, too. When we all give and do our part, we can achieve big things.

Visit the CCC to learn more and make your donation online. As state employees, it is our values that lead us to serve. Take advantage of the opportunity the CCC provides to further live these values.

Sincerely yours,

Angie Paccione
CCC Honorary Chair 2020
Executive Director,
Colorado Department of Higher Education

Angie Paccione

Angie Paccione
CCC Honorary Chair 2020

What is the Colorado Combined Campaign?

The Colorado Combined Campaign (CCC) is Colorado state government’s official employee giving program. The state established the campaign in 1987 as a beneficial way for employees to easily and efficiently donate to a wide array of nonprofits and support their communities. Since then, state employees through the CCC have raised more than $35 million for Colorado charities.

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