Published: Dec. 1, 2020

The Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC), within the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement (ODECE) is thrilled to recognize its 2020 Womxn Who Make a Difference.

In this annual event, CISC honors womxn-identified campus community members who have made a difference at CU. Community members are able to nominate individuals they would like to recognize in a tradition that began 19 years ago by student staff at the Women’s Resource Center (now a part of CISC). They conceived this award with the hope to recognize a woman in the community who had made a meaningful impact, and after  receiving eight nominations of such quality, they decided to honor all nominees when faced with the impossible task of selecting only one.

This year’s event, held via Zoom on Nov, 18, still allowed CISCS to honor a new group of eight fantastic individuals and have a beautiful experience of community in these trying times.

This year's honorees, listed below alongside quotes from their nominators’ forms, are:

  • LeeLee Graham—“An example of the type of women that we need to keep in tech”
  • Janice Torkildsen—“An advocate and ally for the underrepresented”
  • Jennifer Morales—“An amazing individual, amazing woman, amazing person overall”
  • Kristie Soares—“A phenomenal mentor who never fails to show up, show out, and hold space for my community”
  • Roshanne Ebraminian—“A generous, genuine genius!”
  • Crystal Lay—“An amazing member of the CU community who leads with integrity and authenticity”
  • Jennifer Williams—“A beloved mama and an inspiration”
  • Abbey Strusz—“A huge ally and cheerleader who goes above and beyond”

These recipients work hard to make a difference, both on campus and in the community. Some of their good work includes:

  • Mobilizing womxn in engineering and science
  • Providing hope, encouragement and a sense of security for their team, in such a scary time for them as they work the front lines
  • Always looking to make the community a better place
  • Effectively removing power differences, to allow students to see themselves as potential experts
  • Creating a work environment where everyone can bring their whole selves
  • Leading with integrity and authenticity
  • Unceasingly, unselfishly providing a support system to their community
  • Generously giving others grace and encouraging their team and students to do the same

Please join the Center for Inclusion and Social Change in congratulating the 2020 Womxn Who Make a Difference, and celebrating their impact with gratitude and joy!