Published: May 16, 2020

Golda Eisenberger has been an outstanding member of the CU community and leader of Pi Beta Phi. She has held many leadership positions in the chapter while also excelling academically. Golda was the vice president of membership, where she was responsible for training our members and executing all logistical aspects of recruitment. She always kept morale high, problem-solved on the spot and remained composed under high pressure situations.

Golda Eisenberger

Golda is currently serving as senior member coordinator and as the leadership and nominating committee chair. She has consistently stepped up to fill leadership roles and taken on major responsibilities this year as a senior. As senior member coordinator, she is responsible for planning all events for our seniors, which range from resume workshops to our senior farewell before graduation. She helped keep seniors engaged in the chapter while also helping them plan for life after graduation. As leadership and nominating committee chair, she is the head of finding the future leaders of the chapter. This role is one of the most important as she is deciding who will be best fit for leadership roles in the upcoming term.

Golda has continually stepped up to help our chapter in many ways, official and unofficial. She is extremely dependable and every member of Pi Beta Phi greatly respects and looks up to her. She has served Pi Beta Phi in so many ways, always with a smile on her face no matter what the challenge, and has largely impacted the organization in a positive way.

Golda is a psychology major and will be applying for nursing school after graduation. We are so grateful for everything she has done and the mark she has left on these CU women. We can’t wait to see where she goes and to watch her change so many lives as she has ours.