Published: April 16, 2020

This weekend, try virtual tours of the Great Wall of China, Van Gogh Museum, San Diego Zoo or Georgia Aquarium; host a video bake-off with friends and more.

person rolling dough with rolling pinFriday, April 17

Mindfulness meditation

Is the stress of finals starting to creep up on you? Looking for a way to sit down, relax and take a deep breath? Check out our meditation playlist!

Virtual tour of the Great Wall of China

Looking to visit one of the seven wonders of the world? Well now you can! Take this opportunity to go on a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China. As China’s most famous attraction, the Great Wall has a history of over 2,000 years and stretches more than 3,000 miles across several provinces of northern China. This is one of the most impressive ancient structures on the planet! 

Saturday, April 18

Virtual tour of the Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh in the world! All of you van Gogh fans out there, take this time and go on a virtual tour of two online exhibits, Which Books did Vincent Van Gogh Read? and Vincent van Gogh’s Love Life.

View San Diego Zoo exhibits

Are you an animal lover? Looking for some cute, furry friends to enjoy quarantine with? From penguins to polar bears, the San Diego Zoo has it all! Enjoy these live webcams and watch the animals do their thing. 

View Georgia Aquarium exhibits

Check out these awesome aquatic animals! View the live webcams of the various Georgia Aquarium exhibits ranging from beluga whales to piranhas. 

Did you know there’s a Student Emergency Fund?

The Student Emergency Fund provides direct financial assistance to students who have lost wages so they can pay bills, secure remote-learning technology, and access to food and health care.

Emergency funding is provided in the form of a one-time grant, which does not need to be repaid. The value of the grant will be based on the needs of each student but typically does not exceed $500.

Learn More & Apply

Sunday, April 19

Printable coloring pages

Print off a free printable coloring page from the Color Our Collections campaign with coloring sheets from over 100 museums and libraries from around the world. Or choose from 1,500-plus coloring pages with Just Color

Host a bake-off

Challenge your friends to a bake-off over video chat. Now is the perfect time to pull out your favorite dessert recipes and bake them! Put a limit on how much time you and your friends have to bake, and once you’re finished compare your treats virtually.