Published: April 7, 2020 By

Every year, Senior Class Council produces a video that airs at the beginning of the commencement ceremony, and this year is no different. Like every year, we are striving to help make your graduation as special as possible.

In collaboration with a multitude of campus entities, we are developing a video to characterize your connection to one another and to show, even in the most unprecedented of times, the class of 2020 will always stick together. 

If you are a senior, we are requesting that you submit a video answering three questions:

  • What do you want to say to your fellow classmates?
  • What does it mean to be part of the class of 2020?
  • How have you gotten through a tough time at CU before?

It doesn’t matter if it is in portrait or landscape mode; we will integrate both. Senior Class Council cannot guarantee your submission will make it into the final video, but we will work hard to make sure everyone feels represented and celebrated.

The deadline for submission is Friday, May 1; but the sooner you submit, the better chance you have for your submission to be featured in the commencement video. 

Please submit your video using this form.

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