Published: Feb. 7, 2020

Do you have a favorite CU Boulder faculty member? Is there a staff member who has gone above and beyond to help you succeed? Nominate that person to be honored with a Marinus Smith Award.

Did you know?

The Marinus Smith Award is named after one of Boulder’s pioneer settlers. He not only led the way with a $1,000 donation toward the creation of the university in Boulder, but also donated 25 acres for the university—including Norlin Quadrangle.

The Marinus Smith Awards let students show appreciation for the faculty and staff who have positively influenced their experience at CU Boulder. Here are just a couple of words from the nominations of past award recipients:

“Having the privilege to work as one of Dr. Carrico’s research coordinators, I have never in my life experienced the true definition of a leader in a managerial role until I worked with Dr. Carrico. Her outstanding mentorship, inspiring role as an educator and meaningful scientific methodologies are at the heart of the Environmental Studies Graduate Program’s vision ‘to nurture interdisciplinary academic training, provide guidance for students, and foster innovative applied research,’” –Erin, CU student

“Anthony Bastone has gone above and beyond what is required for any advisor and mentor. Not only does Mr. Bastone prepare and provide pre-law students with the most accurate information on how to be admitted into law school, but he also takes the time to get to know all of his students. He makes a personal connection with students to ensure that they always have a friendly and supportive person on campus and to also ensure that he can help his students in the most effective way possible,” –Jess, CU student

Faculty and staff are instrumental in shaping the lives of students and graduate students, and each year we honor those who have made a positive impact with the Marinus Smith Awards. Award recipients will be recognized at a special ceremony on April 14. Nominators are also encouraged to attend.

Nominate a professor, mentor or supporter for the Marinus Smith Award by Friday, March 13.