Published: Jan. 21, 2020 By

Are you interested in sustainability? Are you concerned about our climate but not sure what to do? Attend the Student Forum for Climate Justice on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 at the University Memorial Center.

This event is two days of learning and action with climate justice-centered workshops and presentations. It’s free and open to all students; advance registration is requested. Here are some things to know before the forum next week:

Attend as many sessions as you’d like over two days

Come to any part of the forum that fits your schedule and interests. Review the full Student Forum for Climate Justice schedule.

Learn from diverse climate leaders

The forum kicks off with talks from leaders of the climate movement. You’ll hear from:

  • Isha Clarke and Mishka Banuri, youth climate leaders
  • Demond Drummer, an author of the Green New Deal
  • Leila Salazar-Lopez, founder of an indigenous climate justice organization
  • Brandon King, co-founder of a Black resilience alliance
  • Heather McTeer Toney, former EPA administrator turned community climate organizer

Enjoy a free meal prepared by local indigenous chefs; RSVP required

Join the Decolonize Your Diet meal and workshop on Friday, Jan. 31, for an interactive discussion and workshop on food sovereignty and food justice. Experience traditional native foods prepared by local indigenous chefs. Learn to choose foods that are healthy for you, our climate and future. Make sure to register in advance to attend this free event!

Develop skills to be a leader in climate justice

On Saturday, Feb. 1, youth leaders of the Sunrise Movement will give a workshop on creating equitable and just movements. At this workshop, you’ll gain the skills to be an effective leader in the movement for climate justice by learning about:

  • The principles of environmental justice
  • Democratic organizing
  • Building partnerships
  • Equitable recruitment
  • Storytelling

Advance registration (by Jan. 24) is required to participate in the Decolonize Your Diet meal on Jan. 31. Lunch will be served at the Climate Justice Workshop on Feb. 1 for those that register in advance.

The Student Forum for Climate Justice is hosted by the Environmental Center. Find more ways to get involved by visiting their website.