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The 2019 Diversity and Inclusion Summit marks the 29th at CU Boulder!

Olivia Gardner

CUSG Director of Diversity and Inclusion Olivia Gardner

The drive to change the world starts with a single action, but our intentions aren’t always paralleled by the actions taken. This fall’s summit continues the theme of intent and impact by being accountable in asking ourselves what it means to take action through dialogue and holding space. This semester, the focus is closing the gap between our actions and our intent.

The event is two days of panels, workshops and sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 12 and 13, in various UMC rooms. 

We are excited to be hosting CU One Read: Sabrina & Corina, written by an author living in Denver who highlights the stories of Latina indigenous women across the American West, along with an event organized by CUSG, A Film Clip x Spoken Word: Reorienting the Gaze on Black Culture, and many more listed on the summit page.

This is a great opportunity for student engagement and growth. CU Student Government would appreciate feedback on the summit for the possibility of a new approach and transition of the layout of the summit to adhere to student’s interests. 

Hope to see everyone there!

Olivia Gardner
Director of Diversity and Inclusion
University of Colorado Student Government