Published: Sept. 24, 2019

Are you a faculty or staff member who receives on-campus package deliveries from UPS, Staples or the United States Postal Service (USPS)? Tracking their status just got better.

CU Boulder’s Distribution Center handles all such on-campus package deliveries to faculty and staff. Packages are delivered to the Distribution Center and then routed to their final campus destinations as part of the Distribution Center’s regular routes. This helps reduce truck traffic on campus, increasing safety for pedestrians and reducing the carbon footprint of the campus. 

In the past, this system has meant that for package recipients entering a tracking number, they would see only that a package was delivered to the Distribution Center but not the status between there and its final destination. 

The Distribution Center has now implemented its own tracking system that covers the gap. Employees receiving packages on campus can now visit the Distribution Center’s package tracking webpage and enter a tracking number for a UPS, Staples or USPS package. If the package has already been received by the Distribution Center, the tracking number will appear, providing the status of the package and allowing recipients to view drop-off locations and signatures. Prior to arrival at the Distribution Center, users can still track those packages via the UPS, Staples or USPS sites.

The new system does not cover packages being received by residence hall residents, as those are handled by on-campus UPS store locations.