Published: Sept. 3, 2019

Financial Futures will continue its focus in fall 2019 on supporting and enhancing the mission of CU Boulder through strategic financial alignment.

The diagnostic phase of Financial Futures began in August 2018 and included analysis of historical performance, peer benchmarking and interviews with more than 100 campus stakeholders and leaders. These activities provided the information needed to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity for the solution design phase, which began in January 2019. 

The solution design phase invites faculty, staff and students to design projects focused on aligning our resources to our mission. Projects range from improving the transfer student experience to refining construction project processes to removing barriers related to collaborative research and more.

To date, faculty and staff have generated more than 430 ideas. The initiative has engaged more than 170 project owners from 40 units across campus to develop these ideas into potential projects. Over 160 projects have been reviewed so far and 110 projects have been approved. 

This effort has generated millions in projected recurring annual financial impact across all categories and includes new revenue generation, cost savings and cost avoidance. This keeps the university’s resources focused on mission and helps to serve the public good amid changing fiscal times.

Financial Futures will host a town hall in October focusing on the impacts it has made on key Academic Futures priorities, including online and distance education and student-centered approaches to teaching, learning, and operating. Financial Futures leadership will also announce the next workstreams ready for launch and share progress updates.