Published: May 13, 2019
Bill signing ceremony

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis signed two bills on Monday in support of college affordability for families and students during a ceremony at CU Boulder.

Polis signed Senate Bill 19-002, which will regulate student education loan servicers, and House Bill 19-1280, which gives every Colorado child $100 to start a college savings account.

On hand during the campus bill signing ceremony were Colorado House Speaker KC Becker, Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg, Rep. Leslie Herod, Rep. Dylan Roberts, Sen. Faith Winter, CU Regent Lesley Smith, Colorado Department of Higher Education Executive Director Angie Paccione, CollegeInvest CEO Angela Baier, and several other dignitaries.

Representatives of New Era, a nonpartisan group that describes itself as “the leading voice for young people in politics around the state,” also witnessed the bill signings.

"Our goal today is to save students and parents money, and to bring a college education to within reach of more families," Polis said before signing the bills into law.

Fenberg, a CU Boulder alumnus, spoke before the governor signed Senate Bill 19-002 and thanked New Era representatives for their work on helping to shepherd the bill into law. He also spoke about why the bill is important to students and their families.

"Higher education affordability is obviously something that is having a big impact on people's lives, but also on our state's economy. This bill in and of itself doesn't solve the problem,” Fenberg said. “But what it does do is make sure that students aren't being taken advantage of.”

Herod, also a CU Boulder alumna, spoke before the governor signed House Bill 19-1280 and expressed excitement that the governor was signing the new legislation.

"Our kids will now have $100 in their savings accounts for every baby born or adopted in Colorado. Studies have shown that if you have between $100 and $500 in a savings account, you're more likely to go to college, you're more likely to do better in school. And we're so excited to be able to start this here,” she said.