Published: May 8, 2019
Two graduating Buffs share a hug

As you embark on this exciting new chapter of your lives, here are some words of advice from friends in the social sphere.


“Enjoy every second of your graduation. Take it all in. You’ve worked hard for this moment, now bask in it! (And leave your worries about getting a job, moving, etc., etc., until after—don’t let that distract from this great thing you’ve accomplished!)”
–A. Stephens


“No matter what you learned at CU Boulder...the most important thing to remember in the career world is your relationships with people.”
–L. Rush


“Save all the money you can, travel as much as your life allows, value your time with your family and friends, and remember no one can ever take your education away from you.”
–J. Carr


“Take chances, travel, do something that scares you sometimes.”
–M. Popp


“Careers don't happen to you, they’re designed by you!”
–B. Weihrauch


“Spread your wings, take off and conquer the world! #ForeverBuffs”
–R. Puig


“Dream big! It starts with a dream; work hard to make it happen and enjoy the ride.”
–R. Veloso Castanon


“Answer every question. Question every answer.”
–S. Rein


“...Boulder and CU changed my life forever. Boulder is a magical place, and the only advice I can give is to cherish your memories, and realize that being a student at CU is one of the best decisions you have made and will ever make. My wife and I are visiting this week. We met in Varsity Townhouses 35 years ago!”
–A. Nelson


“Find and live with balance. Go for your passions and dreams in a realistic way. Love yourself as you are, as you strive to grow. Give back!”
–N. Schmitz


“Go back to Boulder yearly to get your daily dose of those breathtaking mountains.”
–F. Oyatogun



“Never stop learning!”
–J. Kelly