Published: May 2, 2019

Today, the CU Board of Regents voted to name Mark Kennedy as the next president of the University of Colorado system. We appreciate Mr. Kennedy’s offer to conduct a listening tour of the campuses to learn more about CU Boulder. When Mr. Kennedy visits our campus, this will be our opportunity to ensure that he is well briefed and understands that we will work to create common goals based on:

  • Philip P. DiStefano, CU Boulder chancellorOur campus values, vision and imperatives
  • The overall strength, diversity and talent of our student body
  • The incredible level of teaching and research occurring on this campus that makes CU Boulder one of the top teaching research universities in the country
  • The diversity of our campus—how we honor and welcome that through the many groups and programs on campus and the culture we are working to build
  • The work that you all are engaged in to ensure we build the academic platform and fiscal security to take CU Boulder well into the future
  • The goal of increasing our ability to educate students from all walks of life and create a welcoming community that thrives on innovation and positive impact from our work

I clearly heard the messages and concerns voiced by our community. Our first step will be to hold the listening sessions to share our priorities and values with him and to also hear from him.

Through my conversation with incoming President Kennedy last week, I was pleased to hear of his intention to support the campuses in their work and goals while he will work to increase funding and the overall success of the university.  

Please look for updates about incoming President Kennedy and future visits to campus in CU Boulder Today and from your area leadership.

Philip DiStefano