Published: May 1, 2019

The revised draft of the IDEA Plan (PDF)—the campus’s working blueprint for achieving diversity, equity and inclusive excellence—has been delivered to the chancellor, provost and senior vice chancellor for review.

“We are discussing the IDEA Plan’s recommendations and paths forward,” said Provost Russ Moore. “The revised draft of the plan has been posted on the ODECE website for the community, and we will meet with the IDEA Plan steering committee within the next 30 days as we continue to make revisions to the plan and chart a path toward implementing it.”

The goal, Moore said, is “to have the plan actively in place in the fall and integrated with our other strategic initiatives.”

Robert Boswell, vice chancellor for diversity, equity and community engagement, worked with the IDEA Plan steering committee to map the plan’s priorities and align it with the other strategic initiatives, including Academic Futures, Foundations of Excellence, Strategic Facilities Visioning and Financial Futures.

“I applaud the efforts of the authoring and revising committees and the attention of the entire campus in drafting this plan of action,” said Boswell. “I am eager to work with the chancellor’s leadership team to ensure we integrate the IDEA Plan effectively with our other strategic initiatives and make vital progress in increasing diversity, promoting equity, and making excellence inclusive across our campus.”

Stay tuned for progress updates in CU Boulder Today or visit the strategic initiatives webpage to learn more about each of the initiatives and to see schedules for town halls, meetings and other engagement opportunities. You can provide feedback on the strategic initiatives to the provost and senior vice chancellor by sending an email to