Published: April 29, 2019

Sixteen faculty and staff members are recognized this year for the positive impact they have made on their students through the Marinus Smith awards. Overall, over 80 nominations were received from students and their families.

Marinus Smith Awards

The award is named after Marinus Smith, one of Boulder’s pioneer settlers. Smith not only led the way with a $1,000 donation toward the creation of the university in Boulder, but also donated 25 acres for the university. To represent their contributions in laying the foundation for student success, recipients received an award made from the iconic CU Boulder native sandstone used to construct our campus buildings and architecture.

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The Marinus Smith Awards are presented each spring to faculty and staff members who have been nominated by students. Submitting a nomination provides a meaningful way for students to show appreciation and gratitude to those who have inspired, mentored and supported them.

This year’s Marinus Smith award recipients were honored during a reception hosted by New Student & Family Programs on April 18.

“It is remarkable to be able to share the incredible stories from students and their families on how current faculty, staff and administrators positively influence the lives of our students during their time at CU Boulder. We are so proud and honored to host these annual awards and recognize the outstanding contributions of our campus community members,” said Amber Cardamone, director of New Student & Family Programs.

2018–19 Marinus Smith Award winners

  • Lon Abbott, Geology
  • Andrew Alexander, Residence Life
  • Anthony L. Bastone II, Career Services
  • Marinus Smith awardeesAmanda Carrcio, Environmental Studies
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald, Political Science
  • Rachel Glade, Geology
  • Shayon Gupta, Computer Science
  • Murray Holland, JILA and Physics
  • John Mah, Aerospace Engineering
  • Seth G. Myers, Writing and Rhetoric
  • Sabrina Negri, Cinema Studies and Moving Image Arts
  • Patricia Paige, Theatre and Dance
  • Levi Perigo, Interdisciplinary Telecom Program
  • Diane Sieber, Herbst Program of Humanities in Engineering
  • Galina Siergiejczyk, Russian
  • Sarah Wilson Sokhey, Political Science