Published: Feb. 28, 2019

2018-19 Staff Council members

All truly successful organizations recognize the value and importance of the contributions and suggestions that are made by their staff. CU Boulder has an established tradition of shared governance, recognizing the tremendous value of suggestions received from all segments of the university community. 

Boulder Campus Staff Council was created and established to ensure all staff members have the opportunity to be actively involved in setting the priorities and future direction of the university, while respecting our vast differences and perspectives. 

Staff Council’s ‘Be Statement’

Be represented. Be informed. Be engaged.

Staff Council is a team of over 30 elected members from across the campus. We represent the interests of our campus's staff by advocating on a variety of issues, proposing policies, serving in an advisory role to administration and facilitating a variety of events to bring collaborative opportunities to the campus. We are the voice of staff.

Staff Council represents, informs and educates staff employees by serving as a liaison between employees and Boulder campus administration, university system and state administration. We also recommend proposals to the administration that are designed to improve morale and advocate for the well-being of staff employees. We are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, cultural competency and respect in conducting organizational business and initiatives.

We host staff appreciation events including the Ice Cream Social, Staff Appreciation Breakfast, Years of Service ceremony and Staff Field Day. We also serve our community through outreach events such as blood drives, Coats for Colorado and food drives. 

For Staff Council, the shared governance partnership promotes collaboration and shared decision-making that accentuates the prosperity of the university. 

“Through the shared governance meetings, we have been able to see the university through a wider lens and have discussions with both the faculty, graduate and undergraduate students on a number of topics and we will be working together on a few upcoming initiatives,” said Jessica Gammey and Heather Martin in a statement provided to CU Boulder Today. Gammey and Martin are the Staff Council co-chairs for this year.

“Being aware of the challenges each of our groups face and the opportunities before us allows for efficiency in identifying solutions.”

Boulder Campus Staff Council wants you!

The Boulder Campus Staff Council annual elections will occur this spring, and the call for nominations are open from Feb. 25 to March 10. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on this shared governance group, please fill out the nomination form. You can nominate as many people as you want, including yourself.  

Nominees will be contacted to confirm they are interested (and to confirm they have supervisor approval) and want to be part of the election. For more information about Boulder Campus Staff Council and who we serve, check out our website