Published: Dec. 11, 2018

CU student-athlete Kabion Ento working with a mentor

CU Boulder student-athlete Kabion Ento receives resume guidance from Lauren Unrein, assistant director for the Scripps Leadership and Career Development Program. (Credit: Matt Tyrie/CU Boulder)

For the Scripps family, being a student-athlete means being prepared to lead – whether in the classroom, sports arena or workplace.

The family’s recent $2 million endowment invests in successful futures for CU Boulder’s student-athletes through the university’s Leadership and Career Development Program (LCDP). The program, now named the Scripps Leadership and Career Development Program in honor of the family’s investment, focuses on helping student-athletes achieve personal and professional success. 

How to Support Student-Athletes

The Scripps Leadership and Career Development Program focuses on helping student-athletes achieve personal and professional success.

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“Working with the Scripps Leadership and Career Development Program means a lot to me,” said CU football team captain Kabion Ento. “It demonstrates that CU cares about us when we leave, and it puts us in a position to be successful. They help us network and connect with different people, which really goes a long way.”

Bill and Kathy Scripps appreciate the value that the student-athlete can add to the workplace. For the Scripps family, the gift is important because it gives CU student-athletes a leg up as they are preparing for life. They hope their investment in the program will enable student-athletes to build valuable leadership and career skills, aiding in successful transitions to life after CU Boulder. The program currently serves about 380 student-athletes annually.  

Through LCDP, student-athletes receive individualized coaching in key areas of personal and professional development. They engage in life skills workshops, service learning experiences, and transition programs into and out of CU. The professional development programming provides support in career exploration, career preparation, and career implementation, while staff members build tailored career readiness plans based on each student-athlete’s unique personal story.

Scripps family portrait

Bill and Kathy Scripps, pictured with son, Willie, and daughter, Shelby, invested $2 million in CU Boulder’s Leadership and Career Development Program to ensure personal and professional success for student-athletes.

“This is an innovative program,” said Dave Callan, director of LCDP. “Its tenets of self-awareness, leadership, service and career development help student-athletes to understand, reflect upon and leverage their unique student-athlete experience at CU Boulder.”

“We are very thankful to Bill and Kathy Scripps for all that they have done for our university and athletic department,” said Athletic Director Rick George. “Their generous gift to LCDP will allow us to significantly impact the futures of our student-athletes.”

The Scripps’s gift supports CU Boulder’s strategic imperative of shaping tomorrow’s leaders, while ensuring that current and future student-athletes feel supported in their professional endeavors.

“It’s great to know that I have people and resources to help me succeed outside of football,” said Ento.