Published: Nov. 28, 2018

Chemistry lab

Eleven CU Boulder researchers were honored in an annual report released by the firm Clarivate Analytics, which recognizes papers that rank in the top one percent of citations for their field and the year in its Web of Science platform. 

The CU Boulder researchers span a wide range of disciplines on the prestigious, internationally-recognized list:

  • Kristi Anseth: Distinguished Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering (Cross-field category)
  • Joost de Gouw: CIRES Fellow, Adjoint Professor of Chemistry. (Cross-field category)
  • John Evans: Assistant Professor of Engineering and Applied Science. (Computer Sciences category)
  • Noah Fierer: CIRES Fellow, Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. (Environment/Ecology and Microbiology categories)
  • Jose Jimenez: CIRES Fellow, Professor of Chemistry. (Geosciences category)
  • Arthur Nozik: RASEI Senior Research Fellow, Adjoint Professor of Chemistry. (Physics category)
  • Julienne Stroeve: Senior researcher, National Snow and Ice Data Center. (Geosciences category)
  • Katharine Suding: Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, INSTAAR. (Environment/Ecology category
  • John Wahr: Former CIRES Fellow, Former Professor of Physics. (Honored posthumously in the Cross-field category)
  • James White: Dean of Arts and Sciences, INSTAAR Fellow, Professor of Geological Sciences. (Geosciences category)
  • Jun Ye: JILA Fellow, Professor Adjoint, Department of Physics. (Physics category)

To read more about this year's awards and view the full list, visit Clarivate Analytics.