Published: Oct. 2, 2018
Old Main building during fall

The Academic Futures report has been delivered to Provost Russ Moore and Senior Vice Chancellor Kelly Fox and is now posted online, available for download (PDF). This marks the official end of the visioning phase of the Academic Futures process, that will next be followed by planning and implementation phases.

“I want to thank the committee and the CU Boulder community for their vision and hard work,” said Moore. “The senior vice chancellor and I will take a fresh look at the report with these community updates.”

Moore said the review would involve “conferring with the Academic Futures committee to discuss the report and clearly understand its recommendations” and then examining those recommendations “in the context of the work being done on other initiatives such as the Diversity, Inclusion and Academic Excellence Plan (DIAEP), the Foundations of Excellence initiative and the Financial Futures initiative.”

He said the next level of engagement during the review period would be with the deans and other campus leaders, and, after that, he and Fox will “enter into discussions with the chancellor to arrive at an ordering of the priorities for the campus.”

“Essentially, we are moving from the ‘what do we want to be phase’ to the ‘how do we build on our current state to achieve the future state’ as recommended by the committee,” Moore said.

Fox said taking time to carry out all these steps is important to “fully understand the vision of change and direction the campus has brought forth.”

Both Fox and Moore lauded the participation of the campus community in the visioning work of Academic Futures and noted that such open participation would continue to be a feature of the Academic Futures process. They also thanked Vice Provost Jeff Cox and Emily CoBabe-Ammann, director of strategic projects for CU Boulder’s Research & Innovation Office, for their work in, respectively, convening and facilitating the initiative.

“We’re grateful to Jeff and Emily for their work in helping our community develop this vision, said Moore. “Now begins the work of making that vision into reality. It’s an exciting moment.”