Published: June 23, 2018

Research Professor Alex Zunger of the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute joins the ranks of former President Jimmy Carter as a recipient of the prestigious Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit Award for 2018.

Alex Zunger

Alex Zunger

The biannual award, of which Zunger is just the 14th recipient, honors those who, like its namesake, have made enduring contributions to the sustainable future of the planet. 

According to the award announcement, Zunger has made contributions to the understanding of PV and electronic materials interfaces, nanostructure and more, providing theory guidance to improving device performance.

Other distinguished biannual recipients of the Böer award, starting with President Jimmy Carter in 1983, have most recently Nobel Laureate Zores Alferov (2013) and Professor Antonio Luque (2015).

See the full announcement at RASEI.