Published: June 14, 2018

CU Boulder ranked among the top 10 institutions worldwide in producing research and Earth and environmental sciences last year. The university also placed 50th among academic institutions globally in producing high-quality science, overall. 

CU Boulder rankings at a glance
  • 50th in academic institutions
  • 15th in U.S. public universities
  • 9th in Earth and environmental sciences
  • 64th in physical sciences

Those rankings come from the Nature Index, an annual database spearheaded by Springer Nature that tracks the scientific output of academic, government and other institutions around the world. The latest list, which was released earlier this month, tallies up how often researchers published to 82 top-tier journals, including Nature, Science and Cell

    From April 2017 to March 2018, CU Boulder scientists were authors on 228 papers in 16 elite journals in this field. That placed CU Boulder ninth in the world, behind only the California Institute of Technology among academic institutions in the United States.

    Last year, CU Boulder scientists were instrumental in exploring black carbon on ice and snow, the role of household cleaners in air pollution and other critical research questions in Earth and environmental science.

    CU Boulder also ranked globally in producing scientific research in all fields. Scientists here churned out 585 papers in the 82 selected journals last year, earning the university a nod as the 15th largest publisher among public universities in the United States.

    The Nature Index also listed CU Boulder 64th in publishing research in the physical sciences. 

    See the full rankings here.