Published: May 11, 2018

CU Boulder Provost Russ Moore on Thursday named the membership of the Open Educational Resources Advisory Committee.

The committee is charged with finding ways to reduce the financial burden on students for course materials and textbooks and making recommendations on how to allocate $1 million previously pledged by Chancellor Phil DiStefano to fund more affordable course materials.

The committee will examine national trends centered in the use of open educational resources and make recommendations to the provost regarding their best use at CU Boulder in a report due to his office on Oct. 1.

Members of the committee are:

  • Leslie Reynolds, interim dean of University Libraries—chair
  • Troy Fossett, CUSG president of internal affairs/David Kidd, CUSG president of internal affairs (incoming)—co-chair
  • Brian Groves, executive director, Auxiliary Services, CU Book Store
  • Aisha Jackson, associate director of the Academic Technology Applications Program, Office of Information Technology
  • Mike Klymkowsky, professor, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Chris Koehler, associate faculty director, space minor/College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Catherine Milburn, senior instructor and teaching professor, Leeds School of Business
  • Pramila Patel, ICT accessibility program manager, Office of Information Technology
  • Geoffrey Rubinstein, director of independent learning, Continuing Education
  • Madeline Sembrat, assistant vice chancellor, Budget and Fiscal Planning
  • Caroline Sinkinson, associate professor/head of teaching and learning, University Libraries
  • Tamara Sumner, professor/director of the Institute of Cognitive Science, College of Engineering and Applied Science

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